Vi ser på sliper som ingen annan

Screening - a rail track revolution

Today, inspection and condition assessment of sleepers is conducted using an ocular method.

By walking along the track using their eyes and a pick as their only tools, the staff assess the state of each sleeper. Even the most skilled and experienced staff will struggle to reach a completely objective result. The human factor can never be ignored and one will always struggle to maintain an even level of assessment. Moreover, it is obviously very time consuming.

Raildoc now offers a revolutionary approach for assessing the condition of sleepers: Screening. With advanced measurement technology attached to a vehicle running on the rail track, we can deliver precise measurements that are independent of wind, weather and geography. This results in a database showing the state of each individual sleeper which makes it possible, as never before, to precisely identify potential problem individuals and/or problem stretches.

Replace only those sleepers that really needs to be replaced!


Ocular inspection Screening
Human factor Exact results
Subjective data Independent data
Hard maintaining an even level Constant, even level
Takes years of experience and knowledge No experience needed
Time-consuming Fast – 5 km/h


Screen Tool

All measurement data is collected in Screen Tool, a database where searches can be made, using a variety of parameters. It is possible to obtain overall data over longer stretches, or more specific data on shorter routes. One can also choose to display only those sleepers in a given condition, for example. Naturally, Screen Tool comes with the purchase of Screening. Besides a CD with Screen Tool each customer also recieves the data printed and presented in binders, in three levels: per stretch, per kilometer and per sleeper.




Screen Tool

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