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Headchecks – discover the cracks in time

Headchecks are cracks that commonly appear in high speed stretches and tracks with high axle load. If the cracks aren’t fixed in time they might grow out of control and cause rail breakage with high costs to follow.

Raildoc’s equipment is capable of identifying headchecks at an early stage.

There is much to be gained from this. Our method forms a solid ground for further measures such as grinding, milling or complete replacement of the rail.

Our two-channel equipment uses eddy current to detect and measure headchecks. The results are collected into a database. A number of stats such as the number of headchecks and the depth of the cracks are automatically analysed and presented in diagrams.

Headchecks form in three phases. In the third phase metal particles of various size come loose from the surface of the rail. Hence, there is much to be gained from discovering the cracks at an earlier stage. Inspection using eddy current is the only method capable of discovering and determining the depth of headchecks as early as in phase two of the formation process.



Head Checks